Members… Your participation in committee activities is welcome. Please contact the chair. Christina DiGiovanni (see bottom of page) will have contact information.

Special Committees Chartered by the President:

Aging: Carlo Bayrakdarian, Chair

Child and Adolescent Committee: Elizabeth Ortiz-Schwartz, Chair

Disaster Preparedness: Susan Stabinsky, Chair

Early Career Psychiatrists: Reba Bindra, Chair

Economics Committee: James Kelleher, MD, Chair.

Gender Issues Committee: Steven Rachlin, Chair.

Membership and Fellowship: Barbara Goldblum, Chair.  This committee reviews membership applications and encourages application for Fellow status.

Members In Training: Roshinie Fernando, M.D. and Maria Nieves, M.D.

Psychiatric Services Committee: Hugh Cummings, Chair.

Private Practice: Arthur Lew, Chair.

Psychiatry and the Law: Edward Hermann, MD Chair.

Public Affairs Committee: C. Deborah Cross, MD Chair.

MRDD Committee: Rob Grambau, MD

Standing Committees Required in Our Bylaws:

Nominating Committee: C. Deborah Cross, MD, Chair

Ethics Committee: L. Mark Russakoff MD, Chair

Program Committee: Program Coordinator is chair

Membership Retention & Recruitment Committee: Vanessa Hiraldo, Chair. Managing our  recruitment drive.

Constitution and Bylaws Committee: Currently inactive after passage of revised bylaws.

Legislative Committee: Legislative Representative is chair.

Membership Mediation Committee: Barbara Goldblum, Chair

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