Kick-Off CME September 22

George J. Makari, MD, acclaimed historian of psychoanalysis will present on the subject of his recent book. Here’s what Booklist has to say:  “With psychoanalysis under intellectual siege in recent decades, Makari retrieves its original radicalism in this history of its formative decades. Establishing the context of its origin, Makari discusses thought current in Europe in the late 1800s about the nature of the mind and mental illness. Introducing Sigmund Freud, Makari depicts the guru of psychoanalysis feuding with rivals and acquiring acolytes as he found his calling and steadily gained prominence as a medical and psychological innovator.”  Does that pique your interest? According to Amazon, this history starts in 1895, even though the first patient described, Anna O., who suffered from D.I.D., came some time before that.  I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Makari has to say.  7 p.m. at St. Vincent’s, Harrison.  RSVP to